Winter Wonderland

Hello Word press fans, well the soon to be fans; I am writing from the No-Ever-heard of Brownsville Vermont. I am what you call a Transplant Vermonter, which means I wasn’t born here. I am from Queens, New York. I bet you are wondering what is a city girl like me doing in a frozen tundra of New England, I would have to reply Family. It is the best place I know of to raise a child and not have corruption of city life. The photo featured above was taken today at 5:00 pm.This is the view of my backyard. It has that nice winter scene going, on doesn’t it. I hope this blog helps new people that come to live here in Vermont. It is not for the faint of heart to settle here. If you hate the cold, go somewhere else. If you don’t like mud (definitely do not come here). There is such a season called “mud season” and it is exactly how you would imagine (Mud Everywhere). Well, if you want to continue this blog journey with me I will post once a day about my days here in the Green Mountain State.