Yes With myself, the feeling of self worth. Pleased 

With my life, the feeling of everything falling into place. Pleased 

With my daughter, knowing everything this going to be okay. Pleased 

My relationship with my friends, knowing some has your back anytime of day. Pleased 

With my husband, knowing through the tough times we never give up. Pleased 

I am pleased with my hair evern though it my give the thought of being getto, I am happy with myself even though I stare at the scale a little to long hoping the numbers will change. I am pleased with my daughter even though she has a hard time following instructions. I am pleased with my husband even though he spends way too much time at the computer. Pleased, the sense of calmness in ones life!
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Being  an African American in the country.

Not sure if my readers understood that I am “Black” or African American. Living here has taught no matter where you live someone is going to hate you because you are different. All my life I have seen this, and it’s quite disturbing. I fear for my daughters sake because my child is light skinned and as soon as I go next to her and take her some place she is already being judged at the age of three.  I got my hair done yesterday and I did something different, my hair is in twist by the ends are purple. I personally love the color purple and I was thinking of my own happiness when I got it done. From the time my mother in law picked me up to me talking to others I started to feel like I did something wrong. Mind you , before I came in contact with another human outside of the hairdresser’s house I was perfectly happy with my hair. In this moment I wish I lived in the city where people could careless or even say how cool it is but here it is a different story.  I wish I didn’t get my hair done  now. Every time I make a decision that makes me happy I can here my mom calling me stupid and that I have no class. Sigh, that’s it for today. Hopefully, I can post something happy the next time around.