It’s been a While

Hello all, Sorry for the days without posting. It has been difficult for me to post anything because I start negatively talking to myself which puts me in a depressive mood. Today, I went outside and basked in the 59-degree weather. I took my daughter outside and jumped in the puddles. Most of the time living in Vermont I feel like an outside not only that because I wasn’t born here, but also and African American is rarely seen in these parts. I usually get the “What are you doing here” stares, so when I got it today I just couldn’t take it. It made me angry I am just like anyone else around here just trying to make a living and provide for my family. I love Vermont,  other than the unbearable winters I do love the clean air and the ability to visit the farm and purchase the really genuine maple syurp. All I am trying to say is that the stares aren’t necessary folks. I know I am different from you, but instead of staring how about offering a hand of friendship and welcome?


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